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CES 2012

International CES Show 2011


Turntable & Tonearm :
Spiral Groove Turntable and Graham Tone arm
Phono cartridge :
London Decca Reference
Digital player: Weiss engineering Jason & Medea
Phono stage preamplifier(MC & MM) : Venture VP100P
Line stage preamplifier :
Venture VP100L
Power amplifier :
Venture V100A Class A+
Speaker system :
Venture Xtreme speakers in Mirror Piano Black on Grand Piano wheels
Interconnects, Speaker cables & AC Power cables :
Grand Reference Diamond, Micro Reference cable
AC Power Terminal: Venture AC Black Box
Equipment wooden rack: Venture
Room 2: Speaker System: VENTURE ENCORE in Rosewood high gloss Poweramplifier: Hegel H20 Amp Digital: Weiss Engineering Man 202 Music Archive Network Player and DAC 202 ATT 202 Reference Passive Attenuator
Thoughts on what I heard at the CES 2011" by Norm Luttbeg -
" Two attached rooms on the 34th floor really stood out for me. Both used Venture speakers and some Weiss electronics.

The main room had the Venture Xreme ($199,000) speakers with their V 100A+ monoblock amps ($62,000), VP 100Preamp with phono stage ($46,800), and Weiss digital front end and Ventura phono. The bass was thunderous with no overhang and nice decay. The rendition of symphonic works was just awesome, but so were vocals.

Nevertheless, this is far beyond most audiophiles and homes. I just loved listening toward the very back of the large room.
Nearby were the Encore III speakers ($46980) with Hempel H20 amp ($6000), the Weiss Man 202 Music Archive Network Player (prototype) ($15,000 including the Dac202 internally), ATT 202 Reference Passive Attenuator ($7178), Mac storage, and Sound Applications ac filtering.

This room had a great view but was too small to allow the speakers to flourish. Nevertheless, it was effortless, totally neutral, and involving. Jazz groups and vocals were totally convincing."
http://www.avguide.com/blog/loudspeakers-25K-and-above-ces-2011 :
Loudspeakers $25K and above at the CES 2011 by Jonathan Valin -
"Venture's $200k XTreme multiway floorstander with side-firing woofers (a trend, perhaps?) sounded, once again, dark but highly coherent. The Prokofiev was extremely lovely and detailed, with voluptuous string tone and exceptional transient bite.

The speakers made Heifetz's David a bit sweeter than it usually sounds—in fact, they made everything a little sweeter than it usually sounds—but with no sacrifice in detail. Indeed, this was among the most detailed transducers I heard at CES. Though the treble was bit livelier than the bass (probably a room thing), the XTremes were still one of the better sounds at CES."