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Grand Ultimate
Quantum 8 - Front Quantum 8 - Side Quantum 8 - Pedestal

Quantum 8

Venture Live Performance Satisfaction

For 30 years, here at Venture Audio it has always been and still is our aim to be innovative and use the latest technology available to design high quality speakers to keep in line with the Venture's signature sound of Live Performance.

The active loudspeaker is developed as a unit and the components can be optimally tuned to each other. The drivers are connected directly to the amplifiers and so optimum driver control is possible, giving the performance the necessary transparancy and exceptional high speed to enhance your listening experience. Quantum 8 is equipped with latest 24 Bit and 192 KHz DSP technology and has both analog and digital inputs.

As high resolution analogue and digital music is available to the audiophile, it redefines a new level of clarity never heard before. Which lead to the development of our updated transducers technology to provide an extraordinary transparancy and presence.

The speaker diaphragm with high internal damping, linearity and speed are brought forth by our new drivers, using the Venture's AGC cone, which consists of a composite of Abaca pulp and Graphite.

Our newest drivers (the 8.5" woofers and 7" midrange) are all using our AGC cones.

Our beautiful speaker cabinet utilizes different material bonded together, all of which resonate at different frequencies and is finished with 1.3mm thick, handpolished, mirror high gloss finish polyester lacquer, eliminating cabinet coloration.

The Quantum Series come in a variety of premium veneers of Sapele Pomele, the luxury Elm Burl and black polyester.

In Venture’s philosophy of Live Performance Satisfaction, Quantum 8 delivers a pure sound never heard before and brings new revelations to your listening experience.