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Beginning 2001, Venture engaged in a research and development program leading to its ability to design and fabricate its own drivers. The driver technology developed during the R&D program lead to the two basic types of dynamic drivers. Both use graphite particles dispersed throughout a composite matrix.

Graphite composite matrices were originally developed for use in vibration absorption for ship hulls and other military applications. It is well known today as an extremely effective vibration control technique. So, making driver cones out of a composite graphite matrix virtually eliminates spurious resonances in the cone that would otherwise add unwanted noise that can mask micro-dynamics, tonal vibrato and other sound details. Graphite is also a semi conductive material. The result is extraordinary sounding dynamic drivers!

The first type of driver utilizes individual carbon fibers, which it is called CFC-Carbon Fiber Composite, that run through a resin cone in a proprietary pattern. This provides the stiffness needed for the cone to act as a piston in its primary motion and helps minimize the weight of the cone. Thus, the result is a very fast driver and with excellent dynamics, resolution and a natural sound.
The Venture cone design is not to be confused with the typical construction build up of woven carbon cloth, similar to the fabrication of fiber glass.

The second type of driver utilizes a cone that is made up of abaca pulp with abaca fibers for stiffness and is called AGC - Abaca Graphite Composite - . The abaca fibers come from the long stems of the abaca tree leaves.
Of course, graphite particles are dispersed in the abaca pulp to form a graphite composite matrix. Abaca is one of the materials that is used to produce quality security papers such as U.S. dollar bills, which are well known for their flexibility and durability! Not only are these drivers durable, but they are stiff, light weight and sound very natural.

Another major result of the R&D program was the optimization of the curvature of the driver cones. The sound wave launch pattern is determined by the curvature of the cone. Therefore, many experiments were done on driver cones to achieve phase and frequency linearity over a wide bandwidth.
These characteristics are critical when first order (6 db/octave slopes) crossovers are used in a speaker. The execution of these parameters has been done so well that the speaker is near perfectly coherent. In fact, a person can stand up and walk all around the listening room without detecting any shift in tonal balance!

Venture also uses very large and powerful magnets in the drivers, in order to exert an extremely tight grip on the cones. The control over bass driver cones is so strong that their Q is in the unheard of realm of as low as 0.2. Thus, the bass overhang is virtually nonexistent which means that the bass is exceedingly tight and focused.

With all this driver technology, it is no wonder that Venture speakers are known for unparalleled resolution, dynamics and realism.

Venture bass drivers are all of the CFGC type. The midrange drivers can be either CFGC or AGC type depending on the speaker model. Bass drivers are 7" or 9" and the midrange drivers are either 5" or 7", also depending on the speaker model.

Recently, Venture has designed a unique tweeter of the AGC variety that attains an extremely wide range bandwidth of 100 Hz to 60,000 Hz. The Venture tweeter comes in 1.5", or 2.0" diameter versions. All of the Venture dynamic tweeters are of the AGC driver type. The Venture wide range tweeter is the last touch in the achievement of a speaker realizing all dynamic drivers. The Venture tweeters are capable of very high resolution, great dynamic range and they can be crossed over at virtually any crossover point between the midrange driver and the tweeter. The Venture tweeter is a superb match with the Venture midrange drivers with excellent linearity in phase and amplitude. The resolution of the Venture tweeter is comparable to the best tweeters such as the AMT and plasma designs.

All Venture drivers are subjected to a 100 hour - 120 db stress test after which time each driver is tested for sound quality and compared with pre-test results. Hence, Venture drivers are extremely reliable.