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Venture technology has been able to elevate itself to excellent quality through detailed design of every component that have resulted from profound study and experience.

Cabinet Design
Internal Wiring
Speaker Connectors


Ultimate Series

The Ultimate series presents an extremely high level of resolution revealing all the qualities of tones, vibrato of voices and instruments. Individual images have their own dynamic range and the noise floor is inaudible. The sound stage is wide and deep with highly focused images.

All of these attributes of the ultimate speakers ensure that every aspect of recording is revealed as well as the characteristics of the electronics driving them.

Without a doubt the Ultimate series bring you the ultimate in Live Performance Satisfaction.



Venture's extensive experience in designing High Performance Audio Systems has led to the creation of the VP100, VP100L & VP100P preamplifiers and the V200A+ and V200A+ power amplifiers.

These exceptionally equipments are designed to utmost technology. All components are selected based on their best sound quality and hand selected for its realization with extreme care. These attentions will reach true musical quality heights.


Since over 20 years Venture has established a well known reputation of designing the best cables in High End Audio with a breathtakingly transparency, clear and natural sound and a dramatic widening of frequency response.

The secret behind it is a careful choice of every cable component to maximize conductivity and to achieve remarkable smooth signal flow with the frequency above up to Giga Hz.

The cables are also shielded with Air Teflon technology for special low distortion eliminating all noise.


Venture's eye for detail extents to the range of accessories to ensure the supreme quality of listening. In the quest of perfection every detail has been carefully studied both on an aesthetic and functional level.


Beginning 2001, Venture engaged in a research and development program leading to its ability to design and produce its own drivers and bringing them to the Hi-End Car Audio market.
Each new design of a Venture driver is subjected to a 1000 hour stress test to ensure eacht product meets the highest quality level. During production, each driver undergoes an extensive and dedicated quality control process with low tolerance limits. Hence, Venture drivers are extremely reliable.

Car Audio

Venture's history of products has established its reputation for providing music lovers all over the world with the best products.
In the quest to find perfection, every launch of a new product implicated breakthroughs in the way we listen and has brought new meaning to the joy of listening.

Product History