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Grand Ultimate
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V100A+ Reference

100 Watts Class A Mono Block

The V100A+ offers, thanks to its Class A and its Mono design, an unleashed listening pleasure with an even more carnal sound.
Its transparency and its dynamic are set far beyond common levels and will allow you to drive any loudspeaker. V100A+ multiple self-inductances filtered power-supplies permits to obtain an exceptional signal-to-noise ratio. Hence, the V100A+ is especially dedicated to high-end systems for a Live Performance.
The V100A+ uses multiple cascades allowing obtaining a bandwidth far larger than audio one and in an open loop. Moreover, its feedback is a current and not a voltage feedback.
This will get rid of the issues linked to the electromotive force coming from the speakers.
The impact is obvious and immediate to the sound: the bass is accurate with expected nuances and subtlety and with a good and firm damping factor. The quality of tone is insured by a correcting circuitry within the output push-pull part.
Its multiple and independent power-supplies provide a great stereo image stability, while powering impressive dynamics. It operates in full class A until 100 W (over 8 Ohms), which provides incomparable matter to the sound, and gives a deep and firm bass and very smooth and airy medium-treble registers.
The Venture Preamplifiers are able to put the V100A+ in normal or stand-by position with the remote control or manually with the switch, gaining an immediate access to its highest level of musicality, with the shortest warm up time.