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Grand Ultimate
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200 W Class A Mosfet Amplifier

With its Class A Mosfet design, the V200A+ amplifier offers an unleashed listening pleasure with an even more carnal sound. Its transparency and dynamics are set far beyond common levels and therefore the v200A+ are capable to drive any loudspeaker.


The multiple and independent powersupplies of the V200A+ have been equipped with Mundorf capacitors and Jensen special 4 pole capacitors, giving a great stereo image stability, while empowering impressive dynamics and generating improvements in micro-dynamics and harmonics.This makes the V200A+ especially suitable to the high-end systems for a Live Performance.


There is no total feedback resulting in more musicality and linearity. The impact is obvious and immediate to the sound: the bass is accurate with expected nuances and subtlety, with a good and firm damping factor.


The larg size of the heat radiators keeps the temperature constant for the Mosfets, not exceeding 55C. This provides the Mosfets a longer life as they have a lineair behaviour and better sound quality.


It operates in full class A until 200W (over 8 Ohms), which provides imcomparable matter to the sound, giving a deep and firm bass and very smooth and airy medium-treble registers.


The VP100L preamplifier is able to put the V200A+ in normal or stand-by position with the remote control or manually with the switch, gaining immediate access to its highest level of musicality, with a short warm up time of 15 minutes instead of the usual 4 hours needed to reach operating temperature.