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The VP100P is a phono stage preamplifier which provides substantial higher quality for the vinyl analogue playback.
It is designed as a current generator that allows it to adapt itself to numerous cartridges. Moreover, it is based on a direct link to the Phono/RIAA stage, which insures a great transparency and linearity. The VP100P uses an RIAA feedback, which is quasi constant on the whole audio bandwidth.


The obtained distortion ratio is exceptional, descending slightly with frequency. The VP100P is designed with a fully separated circuitry for MC + MM and MM operations, to avoid sharing connectors, circuitry or components. The result is that it provides an immediate gain in transparency.


Its commuted resistors design and its fully Single-End discrete buffer using Teflon PCB allow obtaining a real more natural restitution, through a transparency and dynamic never reached at present times. The multiple power-supplies are fully independent and are set in an external chassis for a better magnetic isolation.